Anne Marie van Malssen

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Woonplaats: Marrakech, Morocco

Naam: Anne Marie van Malssen

Anne Marie van Malssen's first encounter with photography was while she was studying Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. She obtained her Bachelor degree, but has been captivated by the lens of the camera ever since. After seeing a photo of an abandoned villa in decay in the south of France, and being influated with its beauty, her involvement in urban exploration(urbex) started. " The adreline rush that comes with urban exploration is mind blowing. You never know what kind of beauty you are going to find behind the closed, forgotten and forbidden doors," says Anne Marie. 

In 2014 she decided to buy an RV and go travelling full time. Always in search of decay, on the roads from Bosnia-Herzegovina to North Africa, she found some rare beauties. After two years of living as a nomad she decided to park the RV for a while and stay in Marrakech, Morocco, where she lives currently. 

Play that funky music (Beelitz Heilstätten)

Beelitz's history begins in 1898 when Berlin's health insurance authority builds a tuberculosis sanantorium and nursing home with seperate facilities for men and woman in Beelitz, a place southwest of Berlin. During the first and second world wars, the clinic turned into a military hospital for the German army. Over a period of 25 years, more than 100.000 patients were treated here, but the most famous one was Adolf Hitler who was treated in Beelitz for an injured leg in 1916. In 1994, the last patient left the clinic and the 60 buildings have been abondened and left to decay. 


Stairway to the ghosts (Chateau des Singes) 

Chateau des Singes (Castle of the Monkeys) is situated somewhere south of Paris and is famous for its stunning marble staircase. The mansion has been abandoned since 1976, and the extravagant rooms with floral murals (with monkey motifs) are a true treasure to find and see. Nature is reclaiming some parts of the house where some rooms have fallen into decay and are covered with mould.Very little is known about the history of Chateau des Singes.The ghosts that live upstairs are not keen on telling stories about the house, and neither are the monkeys from the murals.